About us

Casa antica
a family affair

"With passion since 1879"

Azienda Agricola Sciardiglia LA FESCENNINA is the fruit of the labour of the Sciardiglia family, who for five generations have passionately dedicated themselves to the cultivation and processing of hazelnuts and olives.

Our company is committed to bringing quality and tradition to our customers, giving a voice, by way of our products, to the region that welcomed us a century and a half ago.
  • Organic Farm We were awarded the Organic Certificate becoming the first producers of PDO Organic Roman Hazelnuts.
  • A history of Generations We will tell you the story of our family and our beloved company, retracing the lives and work of five generations.
  • The best Quality An efficient and innovative company, we cultivate, harvest, transform and sell a product of the highest quality.

Protected Designation of Origin
-DOP- Roman hazelnut

The hazelnut

"Our greatest treasure"

Native to Asia Minor, the hazelnut is one of the oldest plants cultivated by man. Manuscripts dating back 5,000 years have been found that mention the plant. Both Greeks and Romans recognised its medicinal qualities as well as its valuable dietary characteristics such as its high nutritional value and extraordinary energy-giving power.

In Lazio, the cultivation of hazelnut trees has ancient origins. The existence of the Tonda Gentile variety in the region dates back to pre-Roman times, while evidence shows it has been cultivated since the 15th century. The consumption of this delicious dried fruit became widespread in the following century, even enriching papal banquets. In the history of the Roman Carnival, ‘nocchie’ are mentioned as a favourite food of Pope Leo X. The reputation of the Roman hazelnut grew over time, reaching its peak in the 20th century, when it managed to carve out a space of its own in the agri-food market, primarily as a basic ingredient in confectionery products.
Nocciola gioiello
Step nocciole
We produce whole PDO Organic Roman Hazelnuts and PDO Organic Roman Hazelnuts based products.

We are subject to inspections carried out by a control body authorised by the MIPAAF.

Protected Designation of Origin – PDO – Roman Hazelnut

The PDO certification refers to the fruit of the Corylus Avellana cultivar Tonda Gentile Romana species, Nocchione and any combinations of which are present in at least 90% of the products. A maximum of 10% of the Tonda di Giffoni and Barrettona cultivars are permitted. The Tonda Gentile Romana that characterises our hazelnuts has a firm, crunchy texture with a delicate and distinctive flavour.
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