La Fescennina organic farm originates from the deepest roots of our country

  • Organic Farm We were awarded the Organic Certificate becoming the first producers of PDO Organic Roman Hazelnuts.
  • A history of Generations We will tell you the story of our family and our beloved company, retracing the lives and work of five generations.
  • The best Quality An efficient and innovative company, we cultivate, harvest, transform and sell a product of the highest quality.

A story of
generations since 1879

  • Sustainability

    Here are our commitments to contribute to the care and improvement of the environment that we will leave to our children.

  • Short supply chain, healthy food and environmental sustainability!

    We have obtained organic certification for our land and for all our products. We do not use pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. This decreases production and makes us almost defenseless against parasites, but allows plants, flowers, animals, insects and birds to keep their space as well as offering us good and healthy products!

  • Let's defend Biodiversity!
    In our land we have grown hazelnuts since the early 70s, but also olive trees, grapes, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and we leave areas for the sowing of honey plants and for our love bees both for all other pollinators. We explain Biodiversity to children and their parents during the experiences.
  • We believe in the circular economy and sustainability!
    We reuse almost all of the waste from seasonal pruning and processing of our products. Over 60% of our packaging does not contain plastic with the aim of reducing it to 80% by 2023 and eliminating it completely.
  • Water is a primary good!
    We irrigate our fields with drip systems which aim to not use more water than is necessary for the plants while limiting evaporation.
  • Let's plan the future!
    By 2023 we will replace the roofs of our farm buildings and the processing laboratory with photovoltaic panels. This will allow us to use the energy of the sun to water, illuminate and transform our products.

"We come from the distant past but we have always thought about the future!"

"Corchiano rose from the ruins of the ancient city of Fescennium, the second most important city in Etruria, mentioned in the illustrious verses of the Iliad"


Hazelnuts harvested every Year


Generations of Sciardiglia


Years of History

"Hazelnuts, us and the territory"