Amerina Sugar Free


Gianduja cream spread with PDO Roman Hazelnut, Maple Syrup Cacao. An organic, gluten-free and lactose-free product. Sold in a 220g jar.

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Amerina Sugar Free is the latest addition to La Fescennina. Product made with 100% natural and organic ingredients: 90% PDO Roman Hazelnut with only the addition of Maple Syrup and Cocoa. No preservatives, thickeners or additives for a product with no gluten sugar, no lactose and no palm oil.
Ninety percent hazelnuts characterizes the intense flavor and aroma that harken back to the area of origin, known for its volcanic soil, rich in skeleton, particularly tuff. Amerina sugar free cream is the child of our family’s values and our desire to make a product that is both delicious and, at the same time, perfect for diabetics and sweet tooths who do not want to give up dessert, but without overdoing it. This is why we have chosen organic farming, we never using herbicides, chemical fertilisers or synthetic products, guaranteeing all our customers a spreadable cream with a clean label that preserves all the sensory characteristics of the ingredients it is made from. All you have to do is spread it on whole wheat toast or on black bread to give yourself a healthy, yummy and protein-packed breakfast!

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Weight 0,41 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 8 cm


Nutritional information

For 100g


615 Kcal


12 g


58 g


7.5 g of which 5.7 sugar


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