Dragèes Dark 42% – Bag

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PDO Organic Roman hazelnuts coated in a delicious layer of organic dark chocolate. Gluten-free.

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After being roasted, our PDO Roman Hazelnuts are coated in the finest organic dark chocolate. The perfect combination of flavour and crunchiness. The natural sweetness of our hazelnuts blends perfectly with the dark chocolate and its distinctive aromatic notes. The dragées are naturally polished by friction without the addition of any other ingredients. Dragèes Dark are produced entirely with organic ingredients: Dark Organic Chocolate (58%) and PDO Roman Hazelnuts (42%). They are natural and sustainable. Their irregularity adds a pleasant tactile sensation in the mouth. One compliments the other!

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For 100g


594 Kcal


12, 7 g


48, 5 g


20, 5 g


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