Our story

The farm

A journey that took almost 140 years

8 Aprile 1878
Domenico and Augusto Sciardiglia
The Establishment
Corchiano antica

It all began at the end of the 1800s with the brothers Domenico and Augusto Sciardiglia; why they came to Corchiano is a mystery, we only know that they arrived from the other side of the river.

On 8 April 1878, the two brothers bought a patch of land with a spring flowing from the tufa rock in a place called Morre del Casale.
However, it wasn’t until the beginning of the 1900s that the first hazelnuts were planted on a plot of land in the valley near the spring by Antonio Sciardiglia, Augusto's son.
Over the years, the farm has grown substantially and vineyards have been added to the livestock and hazelnut groves.

Biagio Sciardiglia
The first products

At the end of the 1950s, the baton was passed to Biagio Sciardiglia, known to everyone as Mimmo, who was the son of Antonio. Mimmo, followed his passion for agriculture and supported by his beloved Adriana Montanini, dedicated himself to cultivating vines and built a winery in Via Roma, the main street in Corchiano.
Mimmo was the first Sciardiglia to develop this transformation and sell his own products. Back then, our wine was served in various trattorias, clubs and ‘watering holes’.

Antonio and Franco Sciardiglia
From Vine to Hazelnut

The 1970s represented a turning point for our farm, as rural areas throughout the whole country suffered a devastating infestation of phylloxera, a parasite that attacks the roots of vine plants. In a short time, all of our vines were destroyed.

It was then that Mimmo, in agreement with his sons Antonio and Franco Sciardiglia, decided to convert the entire crop from vines to hazelnuts. At the same time, the number of olive trees was increased to meet the needs of the growing family.

80s and 90s
Antonio Sciardiglia
Corchiano alto

The 80s and 90s saw yet another revolution in the house of Sciardiglia. The first ploughing tractors arrived, the tufa soil was worked and more hazelnuts were planted; the farm grew to 10 hectares and a new chapter in the history of our family began. In addition to the production of hazelnuts and olive oil, the first beehives were set up for the production of honey.

In the meantime, Mimmo was joined by Antonio Sciardiglia who combined his love of the countryside with that of mechanics by designing and building the first automated system for cleaning and drying hazelnuts.

Daniele Sciardiglia
La Fescennina has born
Logo Fescennina


In 2016, the vision and determination of Daniele Sciardiglia, Antonio's son, led to the setting up of La Fescennina and the beginning of the processing and direct marketing of its Roman Hazelnut-based products.

We are proud to have toasted the emergence of the fifth generation of Sciardiglia!

Certificate of the Roman Hazelnut PDO

In 2017, Azienda Agricola Sciardiglia - La Fescennina was recognised as a certified producer and processor of PDO Roman Hazelnuts.

The Amerina spreadable cream

In 2018, we upgraded the processing laboratory and began our journey towards organic certification. Our first Amerina cream spread is launched.

Organical Certification

In 2020 we obtained Organic Certification for our entire production, becoming the first producer-processor of PDO Organic Roman Hazelnuts.

Online Presence

La Fescennina expands its market with the opening of its own Online Shop, where all products can be viewed and purchased.

About 140 years and four generations have passed

"The future is a challenge that we will face following the legacy of those who came before us, which we will seek to enrich and pass on to our children."